Kris and John photographed both our engagement pictures and our wedding over the summer. We loved working with them and found them to be professional, talented, and extremely fun! Many of our wedding guests commented on how wonderful the photographers were and a friend of mine in Philly has told me that she wants to use them when she gets married (she's not yet engaged!) My husband and I highly recommend their services and we couldn't be happier with their product. Thank you, Kris and John!!

Kate and WIll



Kris and John are an amazingly talented duo. They really went above and beyond for us, from their flexibility in scheduling our engagement photo shoot, to staying overnight near our wedding venue to make sure that an wedding-day snowstorm (in October!) didn’t keep them from making it into town! The snowstorm made everything about the day incredibly challenging, but Kris and John made the best of it and beautifully captured every magical moment of the day, including the snow! Our photos are stunning – they look like they are straight out of a magazine! The quality of their work is incredible, even down to the gorgeous case our photo CDs were sent in. Our family and friends raved about how professional and friendly they were, and they were so easy to work with. We’ll definitely be using them for our family photos for years to come! Jen & Travis


Kris and John were just amazing! They are the sweetest couple and make you feel so special and comfortable. On the day of, I really felt like I had a wedding planner and photographer in one. I think my girls and I would have been lost without Kris and her helpful direction. The photos are just gorgeous - looks like they came right from a magazine!

Jen & DUstin


JUST PERFECT!!!! Oscar and Rebecca


KM Photography was absolutely amazing to work with. I am forever grateful to Kris and John for their natural talent to capture all the special moments and the love on our wedding day. Kris and John were very helpful with picking a location to take pictures and were also helpful with anything we needed that day. Katie 11/26/10


Kris and John are absolutely amazing! Awesome to work with. So very talented- their style is not posed or rehearsed, but rather so natural. Our photos looked like they belonged in Vogue magazine!! Rarely will you find such talent in people who are so amazingly awesome to work with, and reasonably priced!! We recommend them to anyone!!!!! Nikki Brandt


Kris and John's work is absolutely flawless - every single photo of ours looks like it came from a spread in Vogue. I cannot say how pleased I am that we chose them as our wedding photographers. Their portraits are gorgeous, but their real skill is in capturing all of the little moments from the day that you don't want to forget. 9/18/10


We feel so blessed to have found Kris & John. Not only are they unbelievably talented (both our engagement photos and wedding photos were all stunning - we got SO many compliments - I wish we could buy them all!), they are so easy and fun to work with. I was planning my Pennsylvania wedding from my new home in Texas, and Kris not only helped me get all the photography stuff in order, she even helped me find a videographer and florist, who were both AMAZING. My wedding would not have been what it was without Kris & John, and we have the most beautiful photos to remember it by. ALyssa & Caleb



I can’t say enough to recommend Kris and John: they were flexible, professional, and super-friendly, attentive to everything we asked for, and going well above and beyond what you’d expect from a photographer. (Kris even sewed my husband’s jacket button back on 10 minutes before the ceremony!) They were willing to help with anything and everything, and to roll with whatever we asked (oh, what if we stood in front of those trees!). They were completely unobtrusive during both ceremony and reception: close enough to capture all the action, but not so close as to disrupt the sacredness of the religious portions or make the guests uncomfortable. Outside the formal posing session (about 15 minutes), they didn’t ask anyone to move or attempt to stage anything: the mark of a true professional! Both Kris and John are great with kids and managed to get smiling, beautiful pictures, even of my sweaty, grumpy nieces. They were careful to capture every detail (the rings at just the right angle, the basket of programs, the flowers) and also the broad strokes (groups of guests, wide angles of outdoor events). I was absolutely amazed at how either Kris or John or both would materialize at just the right moment: they were carefully following the schedule of events, and would be in the perfect position to get the shot, and then disappear again: they’re like wedding ninjas!

As a photog myself, this was by far the most difficult vendor for me to choose. I had to find a photographer whose work I loved, and whom I could trust so completely that I wouldn’t be tempted to pick up a camera myself – no easy feat. Kris and John fit the bill: they took what direction I wanted to offer with a smile, and provided their own ideas and found great shots to take when I was distracted.

And that amazing day-of experience, as incredible as it was, pales in comparison to the beauty and simplicity of the 2,000+ images they gave us. We couldn’t be happier with the quality and variety of the shots: one gorgeous photo after another. Not only are Kris and John great vendors to work with, they are true artists at their craft. Whatever we expected from a photographer (and those expectations were considerable) Kris and John skyrocketed past those expectations at every turn. We came away from our experience with them with a lifetime’s worth of images of our day, and, corny as it sounds, a couple of good friends. Please consider giving Kris and John your business. There’s so much you can’t be sure of when planning a wedding: give yourself something to be certain of by bringing on the best.

Laura Williams


Kris and John McElligott’s work is simply remarkable. We look at our wedding photos and are able to relive all the moments that occurred during that wonder whirlwind of a day. KM Photography transcends traditional wedding photography, creating editorial-style art from real life. Everyone comments that our photos should be in a magazine. I cannot recommend them enough. They are kind, professional and beyond talented. The McElligott’s will capture your day as exquisitely as you’ve imagined it. Jessica L

Sadly, Kris was booked on our wedding date, however she was our Engagement and my Pre-bridal Photographer. Both sessions were so much fun. What an amazingly creative, extraordinary photographer! She made it so easy for my fiance to relax and enjoy the engagement session. Even though it was in the winter, every single image was a keeper. She even made us a beautiful guest book from those images. She also did a very nice Boudoir session. Kris doesn't compromise on her high standards of tastefully -done, clean photography. Her work has been published in several major wedding magazines.
Anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to book KMPhotography for their wedding will have hired one of PA's very best of the best! Jess SMoker


Kris and John at KM Photography were absolutely amazing. On the day of the wedding, Kris went above and beyond to help me with details and things that were completely out of the scope of her responsibilities as photographer. Both her and her husband made us feel very comfortable and were extremely accommodating in taking photos of us and our guests. They didn't rest for a minute and took some wonderful shots that really captured all of the candid moments of the wedding. They were a pleasure to work with and I couldn't imagine working with another photographer for your special day. Thank you so much, KM Photography for making our day so special!

Jessica 6/7/09


KM Photography did an amazing job with our Save-The-Dates, as well as the photos of our wedding day. My makeup for my big day was also done by Kris at KM, and she did an exceptional job on that too. They captured moments at our wedding that I never thought would be possible. They were amazing to work with - it was fun getting your picture taken. I would highly recommend KM Photography...the pictures are fantastic!!! Diana

KMPhotography was one of the best choices we could have made for our wedding, and I am so glad that we did. From the moment we started working together it was exceptional service, and the height of professionalism, from the personal interactions to the actual picture quality and options. They are a five star vendor.Anne


KMPHOTGRAPHY goes above and beyond what a photographer should do for their clients. They were so kind and offered a helping hand throughout the day! The moments they captured are priceless and the creative and beautiful photographs they produce are the perfect way to remember one of the happiest days of your life! Mollie Bering


Kris was beyond amazing. Although we had a horrible venue with the Cameron Estate and Inn, Kris pulled through by acting as my photographer and wedding coordinator. She made sure my day went smoothly. EVERYONE is so pleased with the photos. She did a fabulous job and I couldn't have asked for more. She genuinely cares about her clients and it really shows. Ellen Hartman


Can't tell you the number of compliments we have received on our wedding photos! Not only is Kris fantastic as composing the shots and capturing beautiful candids, but she is able to arrange them together in a way that tells the story of the day for your wedding album. Worth every penny. Stephanie 5/24/08


Kris is the most creative, energetic and passionate wedding photographer I have ever met. She personally invests her heart and soul as she photographs each couple. How she captures the emotions on film is miraculous. From the beginning, and long after the wedding you not only have a priceless collection of images of your wedding day, but will have a great new friend. Kelly S.

Kris from KM Photography is an outstanding photographer. I always tell my clients it is so important to get along with your photographer, as they will be the wedding vendor you need to connect with most. Kris will not only be your photographer, but she will also become your friend. Someone you will want to keep in touch with long after the wedding is over. Someone you will want to invite to capture images as your family grows. She is professional, on time, captures beautiful images and is my number one recommendation for the best photographer. You can't go wrong with KMPhotography.J Kirk