Where do I begin? These two amazing people came to us through a referral from one of my absolute favorite couples on the planet, Megan & Phil (you may know them from our gorgeous 8x20 NYC sample album with their adorable pup on the cover). Not only is this wedding a unique celebration of this beautiful little family, it is also one of the most perfectly executed events we have ever captured. It's not often a catering crew has to create an event for one of their own- and we were continuously blown away by their poise and attention to detail (not to mention the incredible creative cuisine) which we enjoyed tasting as much as we enjoyed photographing! 

Gracious Thyme catering is NYC's finest- and it truly shows in these images. Together with Petal, they hit this one out of the park. The Glasshouses served as the perfect venue to showcase their talent- Perry and his staff are some of the best in the business- and a blast to spend time with! We can't wait to be back and we can't recommend this venue enough- it's pretty rare to still be able to have an incredibly beautiful event in spite of torrential downpour outside...

Take a look at the amazing union of Lisa and Billy- and their little guy Conner- we are so excited to share with you all!