We are in the thick of wedding season 2015, and we decided to write blogpost about the "The Wedding Day 411" : TOP 5 wedding day stresses  and how to prevent them! There has been A TON of private wedding vendor posts in various groups about many of these things and we love being honest with our clients to make their day as smooth and stress-free as possible.

From beginning to end - we want our clients to be as excited about their photos as we are about taking them- so here is the 411 on the common areas where  couples  need a little advice from people like us who have seen it all (literally). 

1. Vendors:

Vendors- hire the best you can budget for that are recommended by other vendors. Vendors recommend other vendors that are professional, a breeze to work with, and work together as a team to make your day as perfect as it can be- and you'll be guaranteed the DJ won't be sloshed from a bottle of Kettle One stashed under his booth (true story).

When in doubt- before you sign a contract- talk to your photographer and venue. We have an awesome vendor recommendation list for our clients here. We can't even count the amount of times our clients have said "We are so glad we used the vendors you recommended to us- our wedding was perfect."

Hair & Make-up: Don't be afraid to say "I don't like it" - If you don't love your hair & make-up- you will not be happy with anything else. Trust me. You want to love what you see in the mirror.

We recommend tried and true artists that make sure the translate your vision into a look that works with your skin tone and hair type. 

Have a day of coordinator/planner- if it's not in your budget for a full planner/event designer- we highly recommend a "day of" coordinator to keep the day flowing smoothly. It is really tough for us photogs to coordinate a wedding AND shoot it too. A GOOD day of coordinator plays all of the roles you'll need- seamstress, oil-blotter, lipstick finder, champagne getter, and therapist if need be...

2. The Dress:

You've been dreaming about it your whole life- your WEDDING DRESS

BUT. Yes there is a "but" - just because you've been dreaming of it your whole life doesn't mean it's the right fit, fabric, color for the gorgeous woman you have become. As a fellow bride recently- I couldn't find anything I liked and wound up have a dress custom made by a designer. Strapless dresses have to be fitted to perfection to look great in photos- and if not- you will be uncomfortable in photos and on the dance floor. Really try on some different styles and sleeve lengths, get to know what flatters you. A pro dress shop like the ones on our vendor list will help you every step of the way.

Our favorite (and custom) studios can really help you one on one to find the perfect fit. Tailoring is also key- and make sure you have a final fitting close to your date in case you're weight changes. We have had clients whose dresses were too big or too small on the wedding day for neglecting to schedule a final fitting.

3. Guestographers:

& their phones (and GOD FORBID iPad)- this goes hand in hand with electronic devices- having a "wireless wedding" is really the way to go pre-reception. I am all about snappin and grammin- but when Uncle Rob jumps out in front of us during the first kiss, or Aunt Kathy knocks me over during the first dance- it's not ok. 

Electronic devices look terrible in the background of photos and can be intrusive- have a photo booth instead! Between that and your pro photo/video crew- you are more than covered. Your guest should be dancing up a storm and having a blast! Leave the photos and video to the pros!


4. The Family Portraits: 

(AKA "where is Aunt Jane?!")- this is the VIP list- the family members for portraits. WHO is up to the client- we typically recommend immediate family:

Parents, Grandparents, Siblings (and their Spouses and kiddos). That's super simple- right??

Well, not always. It is the couple who needs to let the family members know where and when to be for pictures- a simple email works. If they don't show it is not our responsibility (although we will try our best) to run around like crazy trying to track them down. We always request that our clients let their family know these things up front the week of the wedding. That way there are no surprises. I can't even tell you how many times we've heard "well I had no idea you need me for pictures..." I know you're thinking "ummm it's a wedding and you're a family memberrrrriight??" Right. And they have cocktails on the brain. Not pics. 

 We also recommend having the officiant make an announcement post ceremony like "family members please report to the fountain area for a quick photo." Will they listen? No, not always- but we do the best we can! I lay awake at night thinking of the blank stares I get asking people 3x if they are a family member and on the third time saying "oh, oh yeah- I am the groom's sister!" (face palm) It's like a sudden amnesia caused by visions of Cosmos dancing in their heads. Let your family know the week before the wedding how important they are and how much you would love to have photos with them- it'll take a only few minutes and last a lifetime.

5. Fire:

Fire! Fire?! No really- your pants are actually on fire!! Sparkler exits and Lanterns - beautiful when executed with the help of a pro wedding coordinator at just after dusk- practically DEADLY when left to the end of the party with hundreds of drunk guests. We love shooting them - and the photos are beautiful- but make sure you have someone sober (such as a professional wedding planner- hint hint) to monitor and organize for you. Us Photogs have collectively lost eyebrows, arm hair, HAIR hair, and suffered clothing and skin burns galore. This also goes for other organized exits- you need a Captain to lead the motley crew.

Above all:

Be realistic- find inspiration everywhere - but do not get your hopes up so incredibly high, only to be disappointed. 

You cannot control the weather, drunk uncles, and screaming flower girls, but you CAN have a DAMN great time at your wedding!!

Much love- and happy planning,

Kris & Kay <3