It's that time of year again, that time when your better half is dropping hints left and right...are you ready to get on the engagement season bandwagon?? 

Well, if you are, there is STILL time- I promise. Are you looking for some out of the box, creative, artistic engagement ring options that will WOW everyone? Well, we did your homework for you (you're welcome)- Sophie Hughes is our personal favorite jewelry designer and she has the most amazing custom and ready to wear engagement ring options. They are modern with a timeless beauty and go with everything! You can even get your wedding bands custom designed further on down the line.I also love how they have options from moderate to high- end budgets. OH, and those earrings...we are in LOVE!

Take a look at her amazing shop in Boston:

ORE. (and if you can't make a trip to Beantown you can order from her gorgeous website!)